About Kris W. B. Scheerlinck, PhD

Kris W. B. Scheerlinck (1972) is architect, urban designer and the founder (2009) and director of the  Streetscape Territories Research Practice. He is Associated Professor at KU Leuven while also lecturing at other international universities and institutions. He studied Architecture (Ghent), Spatial Planning (Leuven), Urban Culture and Urban Design (Barcelona) and obtained his Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Projects with Prof. de Solà-Morales and Prof. Ferrer (UPC/URL, Barcelona, Spain). For more than 15 years, he ran his own research and design practices in Ghent, Barcelona and New York, working on urban landscape and architecture projects, interior, retail and exhibition design and ephemeral installations. He coordinated and ran design studios, workshops and taught theoretical courses at various institutions and universities in New York, Barcelona, Bratislava, Melbourne, Valparaiso, Cordoba, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Havana, Addis Abeba, Ghent and Brussels. From 2010 to 2015 he directed the International Master of Science in Architecture Programmes at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture and later became Vice-Dean for International Affairs at the same Faculty. He is currently Head of the Research Group “Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities”. He is the founder and coordinator of NYhub, a KU Leuven research and design platform in New York City (U.S.A.). He directs research and design projects on the making of the urban landscape and besides consultancy and teaching, promotes related PhD research projects at several universities.

For publications: check https://lirias.kuleuven.be/cv?u=U0074382