The Barcelona Ensanche: Mapping Geometric Eccentricities (II)

Samples from an ongoing Urban Study about Streetscapes, as part of the Environmental Design Studio, University of Calgary, Barcelona Term-Abroad Program, Autumn 2010

Group 1:
Stephanie Yeung/Chris Beaudin/Farheen Hasanali

– mapping Cerdà grid: Ciutat Vella versus Eixample: non-hierarchical branching / rhizome
– macro grid relationships / micro grid relationships
– sectional analysis: exploring perception of enclosure and intimacy
– creation of 3rd typology, indication of perceptual boundaries
– extension of grid lines: amplification of unexpected view corridors and moments
– program intensification + spatial diagram: all systems overlaid, unique spaces result from leftover geometries

Group 2:
Grace Coulter, Michael McGie, Gabriel Didiano

– Preliminary site analysis: 10 sites selected, based on geometric eccentricities within the Cerdà grid.
– Analysing boundary conditions of each site, permeability and porosity.
– Site experiments, activity distribution, spatial configuration and movement through the site

Group 3:
Jo Ho, Brett Osness, Madyson McKay

– Population Rhythms
– On site experiment: Diagonal: geometry and its effect on urban behavior.
– Public Interface Mapping / Morphology Configuration Diagrams of 10 selected sites

To be continued…

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