Increased Depth in Tel Aviv

Some cities seem to have more expertise in dealing with territorial depth than others. Apart from any political or religious issues that condition the daily life of its 3.2 million inhabitants, the Bauhaus-meets-vernacular modus operandi illustrates how people in Tel Aviv can combine shared territories with privacy. When walking through this city, one gets confronted by systematic discontinuous street-walls, composed of aligned but detached multi-family blocks, that offer a collective entrance corridor in between them, to guarantee a sheltered shared entrance to the residences. This way, a clear and easy-to-decodify differentiation is made from the entrances to the commercial activities on the ground floors of the same blocks. These in-between-spaces become interesting collective territories, shared by the inhabitants of the blocks and their visitors. These repeated intervals provide a rather ambiguous reading and an informal appropriation of space.
In a similar way, the entrances to the housing blocks in the central part of the city can be seen as an urban laboratory of increasing territorial depth. מעניין מאוד!

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