Collective Spaces Notebook Released

coverYesterday, the new Streetscape Territories Notebook was published: it is the second in the series of small-format publications that describes cases of design and analysis in architecture and urban design, focusing on the way buildings or properties are related to streets. This edition focuses on the idea of collective spaces and depth and relates these notions to a series of recent phenomena in architecture and urban design: projects in Brussels, Antwerp, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo are reviewed.


Collective Spaces

Collective Spaces, Urban Spaces

Collective Spaces, Commercial Spaces

Collective Spaces, Residential Spaces

Collective Spaces, Casablanca


Editing and writing: Kris Scheerlinck. Collaboration: Joshua Dandois, Mikel Gurrutxaga , Natalia Hidalgo and Ferran Massip.

For information about purchasing, please write to

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