Workshop Barcelona Informal Raval


Informal Raval 4

“When navigating the streetscapes of El Raval we sensed a strong feeling of domesticity.
One member of the group described this as follows: ‘I feel that I am stepping into someone’s living room’, others gave accounts such as: ‘These streets tell a lot of stories.’ It was in the way people took over a certain space within the collective space, in the pavement, in how people left traces and lastly a matter of scale. The street itself was telling a story, in its own subtle way. It told us that it was different from other collective spaces; it was one where the domestic space had been extended into the public. The barriers between private and collective were here blurred and the street was mirroring the domestic life behind the facades. It became crucial for us, to elaborate further how this quality in Raval could be maintained and let flourish. We started exploring ways how to encourage people to further direct their own stories and to strengthen their role and the understanding of their role in the neighbourhood.”

Bastien Dubois, Peter Geelmuyden Magnus, Laura Freiling, Karin Tajtiova, Laura Linsi, Marilyn Collet

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