Coney Island Research Trip

IMG_0217IMG_0221IMG_0225IMG_0230IMG_0231IMG_0233CIMG8088CIMG8089CIMG8090CIMG8091CIMG8085 IMG_0332CIMG8132Past week, we had our initial research week in Coney Island: 14 international students of the Streetscape Territories Master Dissertation group (KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture) spent one week working in situ to kick-off the final design studio of the International Master of Architecture at the campus in Ghent. Snow storms, jet lags and wet feet could not stop us from exploring Coney Island Creek and Sheapshead Bay during several days. We talked to neighbors and stakeholders, did some data mining and made a million pictures, had a research session at the New York Municipal Art Society, had an interview with David Burney at Pratt Institute, improvised a mini master class with Beth Bingham and had a final round-up session at Junior’s at the Grand Central Terminal. Next Wednesday, the students will make a poster wall presentation about their initial approach and have a skype session with Stuart Pertz, one of our mentors at Pratt Institute: to be continued!

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