Joint Research Seminar NY

Common Streetscapes
The Low Countries & New York
An integrated project about architecture, urban design and planning by  
means of seminars, workshops, round tables, publications and events, 2013-2014

JOINT RESEARCH SEMINAR NEW YORK November 6-7-8 2014 (KU Leuven, TU Delft, Pratt Institute, in collaboration with Consulate General of the Netherlands and Flanders House New York)

Following the summer 2014 workshop in NY, when students from the Netherlands and Flanders joined forces to propose ideas for Coney Island, a Joint Research Seminar is organised in New York from November 6th till November 8th 2014. During this international event, professional experts and researchers from Flanders, Netherlands and New York will share ideas and expertise on the development and design of streetscapes and public spaces, as a way to empower local communities facing future challenges.

This Research Seminar is complemented by a TU Delft student workshop (November 3rd- 8th 2014)
and a KU Leuven student research week (November 7th- 14th 2014), all taking place in New York and with focus on Coney Island.

For all planned activities as part of this Joint Research Seminar and Parallel Workshops, a series of common research and design topics are used:
streetscape territories
PROTO public space
uncertainty and openness
resilience and adaptability
urban interface
hybrids as open signifiers
rethinking urban productivity
accessibility and alternative transport
water and the city

01 02(image Michiel Geldof, workshop Coney Island Revisited 2014)

Thursday November 6th:
by 3 partner institutions KU Leuven, TU Delft, Pratt Institute
@ Flanders House New York

9h30    meet and greet, introduction
10h    session 1: KU Leuven: presentations and round tables
12h     lunch break
13h    session 2: Pratt Institute: presentations and round tables
15h    coffee break
15h30    session 3: TU Delft: presentations and round tables
17h30    conclusions, end of session
18h    reception @ General Consulate of the Netherlands (counting 50 persons present)

session 1. KU Leuven (Erik Van Daele, Jan Schreurs, Kris Scheerlinck)
Uncertainty, linked to
resilience and adaptability
rethinking urban productivity
mental ecology
figures of space: margins for negotiating space

session 2. Pratt Institute (Ron Schiffman, Gita Nanden, Elliot Maltby, Sarah Serpas)
Community based Planning, links to
community based planning

session 3. TU Delft (Hans Teerds, Leeke Reinders, Tom Avermaete)
PROTO public space, linked to
public space
pre-political realm
informal use
informal economy
experiments on methods of analysis

On November 6th, at 18h, a presentation and reception is planned at the General Consulate of the Netherlands NY: during this event some outcomes of this joint project will be shown, the Coney Island Streetscape Territories notebook will be presented and artists Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker and Koen Meersman will unveil a joint artistic project, produced as part of the Common Streetscapes project.

Friday November 7th:
by 3 partner institutions and invited external experts/professionals/researchers
@ General Consulate of the Netherlands

9h30    meet and greet, introduction
10h    Deborah Gans, Gans Studio, Pratt Institute, presentation and discussion
11h    Christine Boyer, Princeton University, presentation and discussion
12h     Richard Plunz, Columbia University, presentation and discussion
13h    lunch break
14h    open session:
Tine Poot, University Antwerp, presentation and discussion
Hannes Van Damme, New York, presentation and discussion
16h0    conclusions
16h30    end of session

Saturday November 8th:
workshop clash moment: by both students groups of KU Leuven and TU Delft: clash workshop, focus in Coney Island
@ Pratt Institute NY, Higgings Hall room 406

9h30    presentation of KU Leuven summer workshop outcomes
10h30    presentations by TU Delft students of past workshop
11h30    reactions, discussions, round table
14h    final conclusions

parallel:  KU Leuven Research Workshop: Master Dissertation
November 6-7-8-10-11-12th 2014

Friday-Wednesday: activities on site and on Monday Nov 10th at Flanders House New York 10-13h
a group of 11 students of KU Leuven will be part of a research workshop that is related to Master Dissertation Studio INT MA AR: Resilient Strategies, focus on Coney Island, building on outcomes and reflections of previous summer workshop
During the first two days of this research workshop, there is an overlap and interaction with the Joint Research Seminar

parallel: TU Delft Workshop
November 3-4-5-6-7-8th 2014

Monday-Saturday: activities on site and at Consulate of the Netherlands
a group of 6 TU Delft students will be part of a workshop that is related to Msc2 Studio: Proto Public Space, focus on Coney Island, building on outcomes and reflections of previous summer workshop
During the last three days of this workshop, there is an overlap and interaction with the Joint Research Seminar.

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