@ Kaiser Park NY

On the night of September the 30th, we organized an on site outdoor exposition that show the results of the Master Dissertation projects on the area around Kaiser Park in Coney Island, New York.
Different from last presentations (Williamsburg, Gowanus, Coney Island), we decided to set up this presentation on site, in order to provide proximity and a better interaction between local stakeholders and our group of designers and researchers to discuss the outcomes of the Master Dissertation projects in the neighborhood. The five alumni present in New York (recent graduates in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven), acted as ambassadors for the eleven different projects and explained each of them to visitors, locals, professionals or local experts.
A big scale model that was built by the graduating students was installed as part of the exposition and was used to locate and explain the eleven interventions at the site.

The panels and scale model were exposed for a second time in New York during an annual event on October the 17th, in Kaiser Park, organised by the neighborhood committee ‘Friends of Kaiser Park’ with a few thousands of attending guests. Besides receiving very positive comments and response from the neighbours, even some local newspapers picked up the story for further press.

opening posterinvitation event 2model carszoom modelneighbours 3 neighbours 4 neighbours 5 neighbours 6 neighbours 1 neighbours 2expo linearDuring this outdoor exhibition at Kaiser Park, Coney Island, New York, we also presented the sixth Streetscape Territories Notebook titled ‘Common Streetscapes New York’, edited by Hannes Van Damme and Kris Scheerlinck.

This publication covers the outcome of the Master Dissertation projects, the results of the past Common Streetscapes workshop and joint research seminars, various abstracts related to the problematics at Coney Island and several outcomes of different ongoing research topics within the Streetscape Territories Research Group.

The team of the Streetscape Territories Research Project wants to thank the following institutions for joining and supporting the Common Streetscapes, The Low Countries and New York project and for contributing to this notebook publication: Pratt Institute New York, Technical University Delft, University of Leuven / KU Leuven, Flanders House New York, Government of Flanders, Belgium, Consulate General of the Netherlands and the Government of the Netherlands.

The notebooks are available in the KU Leuven libraries and on request (mail to ben.robberechts@kuleuven.be) or online available on http://www.blurb.com/search/site_search?search=streetscapes+territories+notebooks&filter=bookstore&commit=Search

ISSN 2294-4672

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