Streetscape Territories @ Sapienza University of Rome

Emerging landscape is a series of conferences, organized by Sapienza University of Rome (Departimento di Architettura e Progetto) and Ordine degli Architetti Planificatori Paesaggisti I Conservatori di Roma e Provincia, dedicated to the landscape project.

The challenge for the regeneration of the contemporary city is related to the rethinking and re-use of open spaces as the key to livable urban space, as a vital, inclusive, democratic, open and participated space. It focuses on making living spaces recognized by the communities that inhabit them.


_”Landscape that emerges” means an approach to the project as a process that works with what is there, able to “unravel” and to reactivate qualities already inscribed in the territory;

_”Emerging landscapes” are the places rescued from oblivion in favor of community social practices and new forms of beauty;

_”Emergent” is also the plural thought of the contemporary landscape design, surely one of the project’s attitudes better able to perceive and interpret the phenomena that characterize the contemporary habitat.


The lectures, held by four guest speakers of international standing, will be complemented by the participation of teachers, students, young researchers and professionals to create interdisciplinary discussion moments.


April, 11th     _Kris Scheerlinck, Streetscape Territories, University of Leuven (Belgium)


May, 18th      _Catherine Mosbach, Landscape designer, Paris


May 30th       _Lola Domènech, Landscape designer, Barcellona


June, 14th      _Collectif Etc, Urban Collective, Strasburg

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  1. Thank you! We are very proud to share emerging landscape events on streetscape territories website. Looking forward to meet you in rome Best Matteo

    Inviato da iPhone


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