Streetscape Territories waterfront tour in New York City

Contributing to the Niet zomaar een stad! visit to New York from October 2nd-7th 2017, organised by The Content Makers, Streetscape Territories (KU Leuven) plans a waterfront tour to Queens and Brooklyn New York on Thursday, October 5th 2017. The objective of this journey is to highlight the latest waterfront development issues by moving through the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn and sampling the way this metropolis is constantly built and rebuilt. We will start in Queens, checking out the area around PS1, to cross the Newton Creek area that will lead us into the Greenpoint area. We will discuss how real estate development is related to the planning of major infrastructures (bridges, road…) or water features (rivers and creeks), some of them leading to great success stories, others with a more challenging future. Later, we will walk through the Williamsburg area and look at the transformation of a former industrial area into a place-to-be, though its strong gentrification process is questioned openly. A final boat trip on the East River will provide us the possibility to contemplate not only Manhattan from a distance, but also show us the alternative waterfront of Queens, Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

For more information, check the links above. We will keep you updated of this adventure!


Greenpoint redevelopment area, bridge over Newton Creek: an alternative for traditional skyilnes?

Queens redevelopment area: the new Meatpacking District?

Queens transport hub: the need for mobility plans in European cities seems rather relative.

Williamsburg Brooklyn: a breathtaking view on The Big Apple.

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