Exhibition Merkato Addis Abeba in Ghent


We are proud to announce the Streetscape Territories exhibition about the ongoing development project on Merkato, Addis Abeba (Ethiopia). You can visit the exhibition till May 3rd at the pandgang (ground floor corridor space) of the Faculty of Architecture building in Hoogstraat 51 9000 Ghent.

The exhibition exists out of a series of pictures of the on site research of the past years and some proposals that were formulated for the re-development of the Merkato area (see previous post with video) that are presented through a projection. Besides that, we also show models of the master dissertation project by Arnout De Schryver, as well as the “readers” of the past summer school.

We are also proud to inform that our Merkato development project has now been granted with the Global Minds Multi-Stakeholder Development Grant, which allows us to further unfold the project, in collaboration with local stakeholders. To be continued!

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