Gowanus Final Review


Last Friday we presented the final outcomes of our Streetscapes Territories Gowanus workshop to the panel of experts, composed by Mr. Stuart Pertz (Pratt Institute), Mr. David Briggs (Loci Architecture, Gowanus by Design) and Mr. Raymond Howell (Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation), apart from the workshop teacher’s team.

I would like to congratulate all teams with their excellent conclusions and coherent proposals (soon we will make all outcomes available on this blog) and invite all participants to join for the exhibition that will be set up at the Faculty of Architecture, campus Ghent at the end of September 2013 (more soon).

Thanks for the dedication and energy, your contribution will help to guarantee a sustainable future for the Gowanus area and its community: a publication is now being prepared to get the result out.

Have a great summer!intro final pres Pratt.008

team A:
Kim Van Kempen, Marc Miguel Baños, Nick Vanoppen, Christina Kousgaard Hansen and Florian Marquet01_Concept image_Coexisting in a productive landscape

team B: Depth / Access Configuration
Mauro Calderone, Nandi Degrave, Sofie Taveirne and David Minoodtpresentation 02_voorblad

team C: Proximity / Mobility / Connectivity
Frederick De Ryck, William Riche, Enrique Castillo Miguel and Theresa KjellbergGOWANUS_presentation_group C_first image

team D: Productive Landscape
Petra Holubová, Ruben Castro, Amelie Van Neer and Giles SioenGOWANUS_presentation_group D_first image

team E: Waterscape/Rising Sea Level / Storm Surges
Ruben Janssens, Marie Kremers, Miguel Angel Aguiló and Eva LoFINAL SHEET

team F :  Social Networks / Motors of Transformation / Industrial Gentrification
Sarah Poot, Niels Decoster, Laura Beltran and Joshua DandoisGOWANUS_CONCEPT IMAGE_PHASE 2_TEAM 6

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