Expo Gowanus New York Workshop @ Ghent



We are proud to announce the opening of the Exhibition of this summer’s NY Gowanus Workshop, related to the Streetscape Territories research project. During three weeks, the outcomes of this international workshop will be shown to the public at the groundfloor exhibition space at the Faculty of Architecture, campus Sint-Lucas in Ghent ( Hoogstraat 51 9000 Ghent Belgium). All students and young professionals who participated, will show their proposals for the Gowanus area in Brooklyn, New York by posters and image loops.

We kindly invite you to the opening of this exhibition on Friday September 27th at 5PM. We hope to see you there!

Participants: Kim Van Kempen, Àngel Marc Miguel Baños, Giles Sioen, Petra Holubová, Florian Marquet, Mauro Calderone, Niels Decoster, Nandi Degrave, Sofie Taveirne, Frederick De Ryck, Ruben Janssens, Ruben Castro, Marie Kremers, Laura Beltran, Sarah Poot, Amelie Van Neer, Miguel Angel Aguiló, Joshua Dandois, William Riche, Theresa Kjellberg, Eva Lo, Enrique Castillo Miguel, David Minoodt, Nick Vanoppen, Christina Kousgaard Hansen, Hannes Van Damme, Yannick Bontinckx, Thomas Stroobants, Ferran Massip, Koen Meersman, Carl-Johan Versterlund, Stuart Pertz and Kris Scheerlinck.

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