Raval Quotes

IMG_5777During the ongoing Streetscape Territories international workshop, we discussed the present challenges and opportunities with many stakeholders, from the neighbors till the representatives of cultural institutions, from the local police to hotel managers, from bar owners to the prostitutes… Here are some remarkable quotes:

“The development and extension of the harbor defined the way the city grew” (Itziar Gonzalez)

“Can we renovate the city by destroying it?” (Jorge Perea)

“Get lost and learn” (Leeke Reinders)

“Contemporary cities should learn how to deal with risk” (Evgeny Morozov)

“We need to put our nose in the private space to understand public space” (Itziar Gonzalez)

“Raval is defined by borders, can cultural institutions break them? (Judit Carrera)

“En la diferencia nos entendemos bien aquí” (Vicky Molins)

“It is the attitude behind the plans that change a city, not the plans” (Amador Ferrer)

“A sensitive perception of space can make us understand the Mediterranean dimension” (David Hamerman)

“The king felt optimistic and made the city bigger, so Raval was created” (David Bravo)

“We should be careful with stigmatising this neighborhood” (Gideon Boie)

“This neighborhood can only be understood as a fragile tension between volume and void” (David Bravo)

“Gentrification and perception of gentrification are two different things” (José Luis Oyón)

“Parallel realities can make us understand more things” (Maria Topolcanska)

Looking forward to the final presentation: Thursday February 6, 4-8PM @ Sala Conservas, Carrer Sant Pau, Barcelona. Feel free to pass by…


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