Final Event Workshop Raval @ Filmoteca


Dear all!

Tomorrow, Thursday February 6th, from 4 to 8 pm, the four teams of international students will present their reflections and proposals about the Raval area, in which they have been working for the last ten days (see previous posts). This will happen at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, right in the centre of this neighborhood. Feel free to join this presentation  event and join us later for drinks at Sala Conservas, right next door.


Streetscape Territories: Spaces of Inclusion Public Space as a tool for Social Cohesion and Diversity: a Multiple Reading of the Raval Neighbourhood, Barcelona, Spain.

approved EU/EPOS Intensive Programme: workshop Barcelona January 27nd – February 6th 2014
@Sala Conservas,  Carrer Sant Pau 58, Baixos – Barcelona (

Belgium: KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent/Brussels
(organising partner, coord. Kris Scheerlinck, Gideon Boie, Ferran Massip and Pedro Dachs)
Netherlands: Technical University Delft, OTB
(partner, resp. Leeke Reinders and Hans Teerds)
Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology
(partner, resp. Ana Betancour and Carl-Johan Vesterlund)
Spain: Polytechnical University of Catalunya, ETSAB Barcelona
(hosting partner, resp. Carles Crosas, Jorge Perea and Josep Maria Solé)
Slovak Republic: Technical University of Bratislava
(partner, resp. Maria Topolcanska)
France: ENSAM Montpellier
(partner, resp. David Hamerman and Guillaume Girod)

image participants

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