Master Projects Presented @ Pratt New York

On Monday July 24th, Pratt Institute hosted our presentation of the Master Dissertation Projects, located in Coney Island New York that worked within the Streetscape Territories framework. About thirty professionals and academics reviewed the different proposals by the recently graduated architects. Thanks to all for joining the discussions!

IMG_20140714_163735Some students presented their proposals for Coney Island through a poster exhibition, others had the opportunity to make a slide presentation to the invited panel:

Charlotte Bolle
Mauro Calderone (present)
Hannes Decancq
Jamie Deceuninck (present)
Thomas Heyndrickx
Ruben Janssens (present)
Jolien Jossy
Eva Meirsschaut
Lea Mittelberger
Emilie Otté
Maros Somora
Mateusz Szymanowski (present)
Bruno Van de Calseyde
Michiel Vanmarcke (present)

Invited panel:

Stuart Pertz (Pratt Institute)
Ron Schiffman Pratt Institute)
David Burney (Pratt Institute)
Deborah Gans (Pratt Institute)
Beth Bingham (Pratt Institute)
Nandini Bagchee (Bagchee Architects, CCNY, NY)
Ozan Avcı (University of Pennsylvania)
Sarah Farwell (Van Alen Institute)
David Briggs (Loci Architecture)
Hannes Van Damme (Design Efficiency Studio, NY)
Christina Serifi (Terreform NY)
Maria Cecilia Fagel (UR)
Ana Penalbae (Terreform NY)
Zeinab Shirani (TON.CA)
Zehra Kuz (Pratt Institute)
and many others…


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